Tasklists Done The Web 2.0 Way

TaskTHIS is a modern, so-called “Web 2.0”, application for managing task lists. You can create tasks with notes and publish them via RSS, or share them so that others can add/complete tasks on your list!

Web 2.0?

Yes, a Web 2.0 application is designed to be more interactive than a traditional web application — a little more like a desktop application. To accomplish this feat an emerging technology called AJAX is used (actually the various parts of AJAX have been around for a few years, it’s only just now becoming popular).

How is TaskTHIS different than Tadalist?

Feature-wise, TaskTHIS adds the ability to have notes attached to tasks (instead of forcing you to have a lengthly task titles). Unlike tada-lists, you can share your tasks with multiple users. Also, the source code to TaskTHIS is available for download — so you can see exactly how it’s done!

How is it done?

TaskTHIS is a Ruby on Rails application (currently running version 1.0). It utilizes, rather liberally, Rails’ built-in AJAX support.

Where to go from here:

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  • If you don’t have an account, Register — It’s free! (Although a donation would be nice)